Business and Tech teams shared with us that 50%+ users couldn't completed the whole onboarding process. The main reason for unsuccessful pairing is because:

  • Ozmo bottle won't be able to connect with low battery.
  • Smart phone's bluetooth is switched off.
  • Users cannot find the Ozmo Bottle model they haveĀ in the bluetooth device list.

2016 - 2017

My role

UX Analyst work closely with Design Lead and key stakeholders to conduct UX research and brainstorm different ideas.

How might we improve the onboarding experience to increase onboarding completion the rate?


Onboarding experience review map

Based on the user review from Amazon stores and users' emails, we decided to create the Onboarding experience review map.

  • We took screenshots from all the onboarding screens.
  • Then group the screens into the key flows: Intro, onboarding with bottles, Profile, onboarding without bottles, set hydration goal and user guide.
  • We placed the users' comments below the relevant screens, to try to understand what went wrong at each screen and flows.
  • Then turn those comments into issue cards.

Onboarding issue map

We mapped all the issues cards on the Onboarding map accordingly:

  • The x-axis showing small issue on left to Product killer on the right.
  • The y-axis showing happen a lot at the top and rare at the bottom.
  • We turned those into actionable tasks and design directions.

New Onboarding flow

New onboarding Improvements

  • PDF file
  • Make things obvious for example while pairing the bottle with the app, inform the user that the app is searching and working at the background similar to the loading spinner concept.
  • Clarity is the key to make sure that the more complicate parts of the onboarding process is in bite sized and uses understandable UX copy.
  • Use the actual Ozmo bottle in the onboarding process, so the user won't need to guess which one is the correct bottle.


We mapped all the issues cards on the Onboarding map accordingly:

  • Most of the users were manage to pair the bottle to the app easily.
  • We received less email requests from the users relating to onboarding which minimised the workload for the CS team to answer onboarding questions repeatedly.