Phoebe is a physical and digital product design explorer.

Stay Curious.
Be Experimental.

Phoebe's product design journey

She loves to build thoughtful and innovative products by applying the design thinking process and data-driven design approach.

Phoebe's product design journey


Design for users.

The hands-on work projects
2016 - Now

Design for workspace.

Rethink tools at work. For smooth communication and better workflows.
2018 - Now

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Redesign Retrospective at Authcore.

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Introduced Design Review 30 | 60 | 90

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La Lab

Design for community.

Side projects. Think beyond screen moments.
2019 - Now

A Safe Space for Digital Product Designers to explore and practice different Product related ideas with the community.

Create Value for the local UX community in Hong Kong.


No bad ideas.

"...The dots will somehow connect...", so be experimental. Fail fast, fail often.

Design with Impact.

Talk to real people. Make Positive Impact on Business and for People.

Stay curious. Inspire others.

Act as a bridge to listen, connect and collaborate with different people at work and in the UX community. Never stop learning.