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The first Speed-dating like UX testing community in Hong Kong.
Collect feedback from users.

2019 - 2020 (Pause)

My role

UX Community organiser @Testla


As a UX designer who works at startups, I always wanted to include UX research in my workflow.

From my experience and observation, a lot of startups didn't understand the value of user research or simply had no or low budget for user research.

Previously I tried finding some strangers on the street or people waiting inside inside subway to complete some user tests.On a luckily day, I was able to find 1 or 2 testees. This approach was very inefficient and it was really challenging to find the right testees.

One day I thought. What if ?! There's a space for startups to help each other to do some user tests? I was pretty sure that there are other UXers or entrepreneurs who were struggling in the same situation.

I teamed up with a friend and started Testla in early March 2020 to test the idea. In just over a year, we organised 8 face-to-face events, 3 virtual events, 200+ attendees and met 20+ products. Through the sessions we met many talented UXers, PMs and inspring startup owners. It was amazing to see people contributing back to the Community by participating as testees few sessions after they had their products tested.

How it works?

There are two groups of people attending the events; Testees and Product owners.

🧪 Each Product owner will be assigned to a table as the product testing station.

🧪 Each Testee will join a table to try a product, then rotate to the next table.

🧪 Each session will last for 15 mins, so the Product owners will meet 5 different testees and the testees will try 5 different products in one event.

I like...

🧪 To complete my day job's challenge.

🧪 To meet many new UXers outside of my network.

🧪 To support and hopefully growing the UX community.

I wish...

🧪 We can bring the face-to-face version back soon.